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SHER-MI LABRADORS believe in the versatile, well rounded Labrador.  It is what a Labrador should always be.  Whether in the conformation ring, out hunting, running obedience, agility or hunt tests, serving their master in the capacity of service dog or helping to enliven the daily life of those in nursing homes as a therapy dog, their intelligence and desire to please makes them a pleasure to train in any venue.  Their good conformation and adherence to the standard ensures athleticism enabling this versatility and their ability to excel at their masters' chosen venue(s).  Above all, and most importantly, our Labradors make outstanding family companions.............

Well rounded Labradors

Aspen, the dog pictured above, is among Sher-Mi's most distinguished Labradors.  Read more about her here.

Stella and Lillian, Certified Search & Rescue

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