Sher-Mi Golden Quaking Aspen, CGC

June 14, 1995  -  May 2, 2007

To friends of Team Aspen:

Please join Team Aspen-Jess Andrews, Katherine Huggins and Willow, in
remembering Sher-Mi Golden Quaking Aspen,"Aspen".

Aspen became critically ill with rapid onset of neurological deficits (most
likely due to the undiagnosed shadow behind her left eye putting pressure on
her brain), renal failure and disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC).
In spite of the best efforts of the veterinary team Aspen's blood work
indicated her system was shutting down with multiple organ failure and there
was no chance of recovery. I made the difficult decision Wednesday, May 2nd,
to euthanize Aspen. Jess and I were with Aspen as she peacefully passed from
this world on the afternoon of Wednesday, May 2nd.

Aspen was a friend, service dog and mentor. Aspen led an extraordinary life
touching the hearts of those she met along the way. She will always be
remembered as the dog who believed she could fly.

1996 AKC Canine Good Citizen

1998-2005 Delta Society Pet Partners Team

2000 Delta Society Beyond Limits Award
Central Region Service Dog of the Year

2002 AKC Award of Canine Excellence (ACE)
Honorable Mention Service Dog Category

2006 AKC Award of Canine Excellence (ACE)
Recipient in Service Dog Category

Aspen was an exemplary service dog providing me with pre-seizure alerts,
assistance with balance/mobility and retrieving dropped items. Her favorite
pastime was the "Find It" game searching for items or a person by name.

Team Aspen will remain the collective call name for Jess Andrews, Willow
SDIT, and myself. We started our adventures with Aspen under the call name
Team Aspen, are nationally recognized by that name and wish to continue to
honor the memory of Aspen as we embark on new adventures with Willow.

Over the past 10 months Sher-Mi Wayward Willow, "Willow" successor puppy in
training was mentored by Aspen. Aspen took great pride in being a friend and
mentor to Willow. When Willow didn't understand what behavior I was asking
for Aspen would demonstrate what I wanted and Willow would follow. Needless
to say Willow is lost without her friend.

Willow is putting forth her best effort to assist me in Aspen's absence. She
is becoming more consistent with pre-seizure alerts. We are continuing to
work on foundation skills and adding service dog skills as developmentally
appropriate. Willow won't start assisting me with balance/mobility until she
is approximately 2-2 1/2 years old.

Katherine Huggins
Team Aspen

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