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Every beginning becomes the past...

"If tears could build a stairway
and heartache make a lane,
I'd walk the path to heaven
and bring you back again."

CH. Sher-Mi Random Hearts, WC 'Randi'
DOB - September 14, 2002

Oh Sweet girl, how we miss you and your always finding something to bring us to throw for you.


Photo taken at 11.5 years old

CH. Sher-Mi Believe It or Not, CGC 'Ripley'
DOB - June 16, 1996

Ripley, What a love you were...always happy...always smiling.

 Multiple Best of Breed Winner/Group placer
BOS Veteran Sweeps LRC National 2006
BIS Veteran, Travis County KC 2006



INT'L/AM CH. Sher-Mi Drift'n Heart, JH, WC, CGC 'Joel'
DOB - March 7, 1999

You were simply one of a kind, Poe. We miss you so terribly much and thank you for your legacy!

Specialty RWD/Multiple Placements
Multiple Champion producer/titled get

Memories of Joel



Lab-Ark Sher-Mi Black Shadow, CGC
DOB - December 12, 1991

Multiple Champion producer... and his kids and grandkids are producing as well. He possessed uncanny intelligence. My sweet and lovable boy was literally....
My Shadow.


CH. Sher-Mi Stop 'Em Cold, CGC, 'Isom' 
 DOB - December 9, 1993

If ever a dog truly thought his master hung the moon, it was my Icee.

Multiple Specialty class wins and placements
Multiple Group winner
Sire of multiple titled offspring



CH. Lesages' Own Golden Tornado, CGC, 'Callie'
DOB - Apr 25 1992

A wonderful very sound girl who started it all for me as my foundation bitch.

Finished with back to back majors
Dam of Champions


CH. Sher-Mi Heart In Motion, CGC 'Haley'
DOB - Dec. 9, 1993

Haley girl, there was none sweeter nor more dignified than you.
If you had been human, you would have without a doubt been called a lady!

Multiple Specialty class placements
Dam of multiple titled



Sherry L. and Mike Anderson
1929 E. Allen Rd.
Enid, OK 73701 
(580) 242-1316

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